Partnerships in Developing Cures.


Drug Development

We offer high quality, efficient, cost effective pre-clinical services in cancer, neurological, inflammation, arthritis and other disease models. We combine knowledge from our network of industry experts and impeccable service to achieve your IND goals. Our track record speaks for itself.  Since 2002 our customers have achieved the following approvals:

3 small molecules   -  IND  approval   - Cancer

1 small molecule     -  IND  approval   - Diabetic Wound Healing

1 compound              -  IND  approval   - Neurological disorders

1 peptide                    -  IND  approval   - Cancer

1 antibody                  -  IND  approval   - Cancer

1 compound              -  IND approval    - Antiviral

1 device                      -  Clinical  approval


We can assist you in study design and methods for screening to help you obtain maximum efficacy from your compound. We optimize schedule, time points, routes, and combination studies, while keeping clinical evaluation strategies in mind. A few of our main areas are as follows:


Oncology Studies              

Neurology Studies             

Inflammation Studies


Surgical Models                  

Mutation Models

In Vitro Models                   

Angiogenesis Models        


Radiation Oncology          

Orthotopic Implantation     


Angiogenesis models     

Corneal Micro pocket         

Metastasis Models

Invasion Models                


Tumor models

Add-ons to studies can include evaluations of the gross and histological changes or the collection of organs and tissues.  We will provide you with data collected and analysis of the study in the final report in any format needed.  We are very cost conscious and we will conduct your studies at minimal expense with high quality, integrity and with a large volume of data.  Our technicians and lead researchers have many years experience in their respective fields, including pharmacology, cell biology, veterinary medicine, surgery, pathology, toxicology, etc.  Additionally, we can conduct your MTD experiments and provide PK/PD modeling. Our operational efficiencies result in reduced cost for your INDA submission. This will help you achieve early Phase I clinical evaluation. 


Whether it’s compound synthesis, lead qualification, preclinical, or clinical testing, our experienced professionals can expertly manage your drug development project and help guide your new drug through the regulatory process. 


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