Partnerships in Developing Cures.

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KARD Scientific offers its superior contract research service at reasonable pricing with world class laboratory facilities and up-to-date regulatory standards. Our focus is preclinical research in various in vivo disease models, many of our research protocols are now the industry standard. 


KARD experts quickly earn the respect of customers for their unmatched knowledge of in vivo disease models and the round-the-clock updates they provide to ensure project success.  We strive to custom-cater at every stage of an experiment and always seek to partner with clients to serve them better.



About Us

KARD Scientific Inc is a leading pharmaceutical research company specializing in preclinical contract research services.  We assist clients through all stages of drug discovery and development from synthesis and formulation, to protocol development and FDA submission. Over the years, KARD has played a key role in the launch of some of the most important drugs in oncology.  We also provide laboratory testing services to the environmental, food and nutraceutical supplement industries. 

We work with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies of all sizes to help evaluate their compounds through in vitro and in vivo disease models and in validating their target for optimum levels of action. Our clients benefit from our expertise in various disease models and vast experience in analyzing drug potential as we provide valuable input to their launch strategy.

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